Plants in The Middle East

Friday Update
July 25, 2008, 9:45 am
Filed under: Carnivorous, Indoor, Perennials

Time flies as here we are.. another Friday update..

I’ve been experimenting more with the camera and lighting – I think these are better than last weeks pictures.

1. Coleus’ – Pictures starting with the Black Dragons.  I’m going to replant these today.

2. Polka Dots – not growing as fast as the Coleus’.

and look, 100% Polka Dot germination rate using the old fashioned way. What you can’t see in this pictures is that the Hens & Chicks and Cacti have also sprouted.

3. Birds-of-Paradise – a single leaf.

4. Finally, whats left of the VFT flowers.  If pollinated correctly (fingers crossed), once they dry out completely I should find seeds.


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Love the venus fly traps flowers picture. Looks like you’re growing them in a terrarium?

Comment by growing carnivorous plants

Thanks for your comment. Yes I am growing the VFTs in a terrarium given that the weather here is ideal. I have planted a few seeds and will hopefully start updating the progress once they sprout!

Comment by pitme

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