Plants in The Middle East

Friday update
July 11, 2008, 8:39 am
Filed under: Carnivorous, Indoor, Perennials

Another Friday and man does time fly!

1. VFT

I’m starting with the fly traps today.. why? it flowered!

2. Seedlings

I’d just like to reiterate – I don’t like the germination rates from this kit.  Maybe thats because I’m not using their peat pellets, but still.. not impressive.

The Polka Dots have developed nice colors.  I can see pink, white(ish) and red.

Coleus – these are growing nicely as well.  The Black Dragons are showing some nice color, the Giants are still tiny.

Stevia Sugar Plant – a couple of these have sprouted nicely!

I planted some of the cactii seeds I bought from Amsterdam.  No updates on these, the Bird of Paradise, or the Sundews.  It’s too early for all as the germination period is long.

3. Coleus (Batch B)

These have grown nicely, and I had a very good germination rate using the old-school method (tupperware and transparent film).  I have replanted some and taken them to work and others I spread around the house.  I got some nice looking pots from Daiso.

4. Coleus (Batch A) – Loving the sun.

5. Various small plants – I bought these from Amsterdam.  Its basically a small pot with tiny seeds and a peat-pellet. These have sprouted and are very cute. They include Strawberrys, Forget-me-nots, and two others that I can’t remember off-the-top-of-my-head.

and finally, I bought a new car!


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