Plants in The Middle East

Friday Update
July 4, 2008, 8:58 am
Filed under: Carnivorous, Indoor, Perennials

Well, here is the latest update on my plants!

Coleus (Batch B) – Growing nicely, showing some very nice colors! Gotten too big for the germination trays so I will replant the big ones today and take some to work.

Batch B

Batch B

The remainder of the batch is also growing nicely now:

Coleus (Batch A): The few that I managed to grow in the first batch dating more than 6 months ago have been going through the hardening process. I’ve removed them from under the plant light and placed them near an east-facing window.  They’re doing well. Notice the jolly green giant in the second picture.

New seedlings – These are also growing nicely, especially the Polka Dot plants and the Stevia Sugar Plants.  This growing kit claims excellent germination rates but they’re not great.  I could have probably done the same or better in my home made solution (tupperware and see-through wrap).  Notice the Polka Dots starting to take shape and a pinkish color:

Closer look at the Stevia and the Polka Dots:

And a closer look at the Black Dragon Coleus and Giant Coleus:

Still too early for the Birds of Paradise to germinate. Nothing from the Sundews yet either.

Venus Fly Traps – Not doing so well. I think the weather is too hot! but check out how long this flower stalk has become – insane.

And that wraps up the Friday update. I have some new things brewing, namely the little pots I bought from Amsterdam. Will post their progress shortly.


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