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Problematic plants or ignorant owner?
June 11, 2008, 4:09 pm
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Sometimes I get frustrated with certain plants and I reach one of two conclusions: either I’m not cut-out to own it or its a pain-in-the-arse to maintain.

Take two examples: A Cordyline I bought from Jawads (our Tesco).  It looked pretty healthy and happy there. In fact, all of them looked happy there! and I still think I can provide it a better home than a coldstore! Found out I’m mistaken.  Instructions say 1) moist (not wet) soil 2) Sunny spot. Did both, but its still not happy.  Moved it to a sunnier location (sun from wall and roof windows) and placed the ugly plastic tray under it so it can bottom feed and stay moist.  We’ll see.  If I keep cutting the dead leaves I’ll end up with a twig.

My second example is this Peace Lilly.  It’s my second time around with these and I consider myself more experienced this time around.  The leaves seem to be ok, but the flowers are dying.  This plant likes humidity so I placed a water tray next to it and I mist it once or twice a day, but no luck.  They say its natures best air purifier, but it looks like it’ll end up as compost. I’ll try cleaning the leaves but I won’t move it since it’s partial to direct sunlight and can withstand being in shaded areas.

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i have one of these plants. they do well if you water them everyday, and mist them a few times a week. online information regarding this plant usually says to water it about once a week – but in bahrain you’d need to water it once a day to keep the leaves up and happy … oh and they also love fluorescent lights 🙂 !

Comment by yasser

Thanks for the tip, but which one of the two are you referring to? the Cordyline is a lost case, but the Peace Lilly is slowly recovering. Hasn’t shown any flowers yet, but I’m optimistic it’ll be ok!

As for flourescent lights, I use them for germination only. The larger plants are near the windows. Unfortunately I don’t have flourescent lighting in the house!

Comment by Abdullatif

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