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Venus Fly Traps
June 6, 2008, 12:50 pm
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Initially I had planned to grow VFTs from seed. Although I read it was hard and would take a long time, I still decided to go ahead. Thinking back now, I wish I knew more about terrariums. Given my location, there is no way I can grow these plants outdoors. All the tutorials I read about terrariums said that you need a lower layer of pebbles (drainage), activated charcoal and then your potting medium (in this case it’d be a mixture of peat and perlite). It would have been much easier for me, and I’d probably have been more successful if I just placed the potting medium in a small pot and placed the pot inside a fish-tank filled with about 1″ of water. Oh well.

Strangely enough I was grocery shopping with my wife when I noticed VFT being sold. Its very strange given where we are in the world, but none-the-less I purchased 8. This is one from the first batch:

I noticed that these particular VFTs only had some small leaves, very close to the soil which means they haven’t been through the proper summer growth. I repotted all of them, splitting some from the rhizome and this is what they look like today:

VFT - 6 June 2008

VFT - 6 June 2008

You’ll notice the longer traps. I took off the see-through dome in order to take the picture, but I make sure they are covered to have higher humidity which they love. I’m already starting to worry about how I’ll handle their winter dormancy requirements, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!

Here is a closeup of one of the newer VFTs which split from the mother plant:

Baby VFT

I feed them as many flies as I can catch, making sure never to spring the traps by mistake. That’ll happen sometimes, especially when repotting, but these are strong plants which can handle it.

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